Tasqr ?

Tasqr is a reliable, effortless calendar application to prioritise and schedule everyday tasks efficiently and instantly. Unlike the traditional calendar application, the tasqr app was designed to meet the highest user experience by reducing the steps for scheduling a task. The exceptional user interface and experience backed with the most reliable technology makes the Tasqr app meet the demands of all professionals.

‘It’s not just scheduling a task it’s a habit’.



Tasqr application was designed not only for professionals but also for everyone who needs to schedule a task. Therefore, our experts designed the interface to make the user feel subtle and serene while using the application.

Quick Imagine performing a task within four steps, well now you can schedule a task within four steps with Tasqr app. The designer’s vision of a quick, seamless experience is evident in the application. Adding a task to a calendar will never be the same. Tasqr has forever changed the way we schedule a task.

A comprehensive view

We have many applications that fail to give the bird’s eye view of our tasks. We mean not just for the day or the week, but the entire month. True, Tasqr application has a calendar view of the month with all tasks scheduled for that month. Not just that, unlike any other application, Tasqr has specially designed icons that specify the nature of the task, and are present on the bird’s eye view of the application.
three conscionable icons designed for you to specify the nature of the task

Special icons

The Tasqr application inherits three conscionable icons designed to specify the nature of the task. The flight icon seemingly indicates a journey scheduled on a specific date. While the briefcase explains general office tasks that do not require caution like sending a query to a colleague or collect files from the front office. The red square symbolises a critical task that needs to be finished at any cost on the specified date, from submissions to appointments.